Home Give Away Program 




If you would like us to consider you for one of the homes that we are giving away, please fill out the form below. 


Try to answer the questions as completely as possible. We make our decision based on what you tell us in the questionnaire.


Please understand that this is not a free house. You will have to make payments on this home. 


* Credit is not required.

* Job experience is not required.

* We do not make our decision based on race, religion or family status.



Properties Now Available


Please note that this list of houses is subject to change at any time. We put folks into these homes as soon as we can.


The address of the property is: 

2222 Oaklandon Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46236


The payments are $1200 per month and you will have to come up with a initial payment of $1200.


The total loan that you must pay on this house is: $120,000





The school district is Lawrence Township.



Homeowner families are chosen according to their need, their ability to repay the home loan, and their willingness to work in partnership with Northern Lights Real Estate Investments, LLC to keep and maintain the property. We do not discriminate according to race, religion or ethnic group.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Please take a look at the home before you register. We would like you to be reasonably sure that you want to take on this responsibility before you register... that way we will only be evaluating registrations from folks who are truly interested in obtaining this property. 


If you have questions and need to talk to us, 

please call Jim Dralle at 630-236-8133


To register, just fill out the information below and click "Register Me."   

First Name


Last Name


Street (no P.O. Boxes please)




State (United States only please)


Zip Code


Phone Number (this format please 222-333-4444)


E-mail Address



Please Answer The Questions Below:


Which property are you interested in?



Why do you feel that you need this home?


What prevents you from buying a home conventionally?


Can you make the monthly payments stated above?




What would be the source of those funds?


Who would be living in the home?


Have you ever owned a house before?




How would having this home change your life?


Any additional comments:



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