"Home Give Away Program" 


The primary purpose of this program is to provide good housing for folks who would not otherwise be able to own their own home.

Homeowner families are chosen according to their need, their ability to repay the mortgage, and their willingness to work in partnership with Northern Lights Investment Properties to keep and maintain the property. We do not discriminate according to race, religion or ethnic group.

Homeowner families are not required to come up with a down payment or qualify for a loan. Their credit history and work history is not part of the qualifying criteria. Home recipients are required to make payments on the property. 

If you would like to REGISTER to be considered for one of these homes, please click on this link.

The "Home Give Away Program" Story

The "Home Give Away Program" was a brain child of real estate investing teacher, Joe Crump. It was his way of giving back to the communities he has worked in around the country during the past 20 years. 

Joe Crump is an active real estate investor and real estate investing teacher. He has written books and produced audio and video presentations that explain his unconventional real estate investing techniques. Joe also writes a free weekly newsletter. You can read and subscribe to this newsletter at: www.joecrump.com

It has been Joe's mission to help regular folks obtain wealth through real estate investing and he has had many, many success stories over the years. He teaches a "no risk" method he calls the "Safety Net Method" (tm) for real estate investing. This method allows you to purchase properties without down payments and without credit so you never risk your money or your credit. He also designed and created two other proprietary systems. 

The first is called, "The Millionaire Matrix." (tm) This method enables a new investor to buy just one property per month and become a millionaire in less than two years. The other method is called "The Stupid-Proof System." (tm) This is a simple, "step-by-step" system that anyone can use to be successful as an investor. It is laid out in exact detail so the new student can produce on a very high level... without the time and expense it usually takes to build a business. All of these systems integrate seamlessly to create a powerful real estate investing business system.

We interviewed Joe Crump about his new "Home Give Away Program." What he had to say was very thought provoking.

Question: Why did you create the "Home Give Away Program?"

Joe Crump: It came from my need to give back. Things have not always been good for me. I went through some very difficult times in my life and at one time, after my $17 million dollar business collapsed, I was left penniless with no where to go. If it hadn't been for my family, my wife, my new baby and I would have been homeless. 

Many people just don't have the support system I was so lucky to have. I want to make it possible for people who are without support to be able to have a home of their own. If someone had given me a home like this when I was in need, I would have been a very happy man.

These days, I have many things in my life to be very thankful for and this "give away" program is one way I can put good things back into the world. I've spent a lot of time helping folks create viable, profitable real estate investing businesses. I've shown them how to do it with virtually no money and no risk and I've seen many of them succeed and make a fortune.

Teaching real estate investing has been a lot of fun and it's been profitable, but my training programs are expensive and not everyone can afford to work with me... so I decided to give away some of what I have been given.

Question: What exactly are you giving away?

Joe Crump: Mostly, what I'm giving away is my knowledge. With the "Home Give Away Program," my students and I use our ability to buy property without loans and without down payments as a way to help families that need a hand up.

We are looking for families who would not be able to buy a home using conventional loans or government programs. We then give them the house at market value. All they have to do is make the payments and live there and take care of it. They can stay there as long as they like and eventually, the property will be paid off and they will be full owners. Until that time, the property title will be held in trust for them.

Question: Do you or your students make a profit on these deals?

Joe Crump: Yes, we do... we are paid for our time and effort by purchasing the property for less than we sell it. We eventually make money on the deal. Here is what I teach... be a "Super Servant" in your business. Help as many people as you can and you will help yourself. A wise man once said, "The more people you help, the more money you'll make." And I am proof positive that this statement is true.

We help buyers and sellers, who are in difficult situations, solve difficult problems. We are paid well to help these people. It's sort of like the way a heart surgeon works. Nobody wants to be cut on. Nobody wants heart surgery, but when you have a problem heart, you want someone who knows how to fix it. And you will be happy to pay big bucks to have the problem solved properly. When you walk away after heart surgery, you are pretty happy to be alive... and you are grateful to the doctor who cut you.

As real estate investors in the real world, we solve problems for people who have a problem... people who can't sell their home and for people who can't buy a home... and we get paid quite well to do it. I teach these methods because there are so many people in the world today who need our help... so many people who face foreclosure without us... so many people who stand to lose everything. We help them and we make a lot of money doing it. We get paid for our expertise... we get paid for doing good. 

We extend a hand to folks who need a home for their family... someone who may never be able to do it on their own.

Question: Every time I hear you speak, you are talking about community. You are always trying to build a cohesive, supportive community within your own group of students. Why is this so important to you?

Joe Crump: I believe that the best way to improve the world is by working with others, by sharing ideas, by encouraging the positive in each of us. I call my association of real estate investor students my "Mastermind" group.

I've learned more from this group of likeminded entrepreneurs than from any group I've ever been associated with. It's a case of the teacher becoming the student.

But I also believe that the idea of community goes beyond my little group of students, beyond my family and my friends... it goes out to the world at large. It is the responsibility of each of us to recognize the worldwide community and to live within it as caring, giving, ethical creatures. We are all part of something much bigger than ourselves and if we will dare to make, even small gestures, like giving away a house, we will build a better world.

Question: How do we create a worldwide community like this?

Joe Crump: I plan to start doing it one house at a time. A home is a sacred place... a place of family... a place of joy of tragedy of happiness of pain. It is the place where the most important events of our life take place. It is the place where we are most ourselves.

It is my hope that we can build this worldwide community the same way we build a house or the way we build a business... step-by-tentative-step. You start with a solid foundation and then you focus on one thing at a time until the house starts to take shape.

You learn as you go, but you always go forward with a giving, loving heart. You make mistakes, you screw up, and sometimes you have to start over again.

I tell my students, their are no failures in life, only tests. You test a new idea... it works or it doesn't work and then you go to the next idea. Most of your ideas won't work, but a few of them will. Being successful doesn't mean that you succeed at everything, it means that you succeed at a few things and fail at a lot of things. I try to fail as fast as I can so I can get to the successes.

Question: What is the best thing you have learned from success?

Joe Crump: That it's not the money that matters. It's great to have a good life... to have the things that money can buy and the opportunity that money brings. But the best thing that my journey to success has brought to me is what it has taught me about life, about people and mostly... about myself.

QuestionHow can others join you? How can others get involved with what you are trying to do?

Joe Crump: There are a lot of ways to help. First, support a political system that encourages us to look at the world as one big family. Peace, cooperation, joint ventures between countries are vital in these uncertain times. As Ben Franklin once said, (and I paraphrase) "We must all hang together, or we will all hang separately." That statement was never truer than it is today. 

Second, get involved with your community... your local organizations, your houses of worship, your social clubs, your businesses. Use these groups to do something positive in the world. Make a difference in the life of one person, one family... and you can change the world.

You can also directly support this program with your time or your effort. If you want to become a part of my "Mastermind" group, you can get involved with my training programs... with the condition that when you find your own personal success, you "payback" a portion of what you have received.

For more details about how you can be a part of the "Home Give Away Program," send your questions in an email to: joecrump@joecrump.com

For more details about Joe Crump's (admittedly expensive) training programs, send an email with your name and contact information to: training@joecrump.com 

You can also call Mark Trujillo at: 435-628-7226


To subscribe to Joe's free weekly email newsletter and read his latest issue, go to: www.joecrump.com



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